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Submitting your thesis. At the end of the examination process all successful PhD and MPhil candidates are required to submit the final version of their thesis to the appropriate College Postgraduate Office. Before you submit your thesis.

Essay checker tools for Grammar And Punctuation. The most popular software used throughout the world for grammar checking and also to verify if something is plagiarized or not. The grammar checker has a vast library of grammar rules to refer to, more than 400 rules that include, subject-verb-agreement, conjugation, use of articles, jargon, overly complex sentences and double negatives.

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Dissertations published from 1980 forward include 350-word abstracts written by the author.

The thesis seminar and opposition. Every thesis written at USBE should be presented, discussed and defended at a public seminar. The defense and critique of a thesis is an important part of the process of assessing and evaluating the value and contribution of scientific or scholastic work. A thesis seminar is a forum for such critical examination, but is also an important opportunity for further learning by and feedback to the authors.

This will slow you down and you will hear the difference between what you meant to write and what you actually wrote. Try to give yourself a break between the time you complete your final version of the paper and the time you sit down to edit. Approaching your writing with a clear head and having at least an hour to work on editing will ensure that you can do a thorough, thoughtful job. The results will definitely be worthwhile. Ask someone else to read over your paper and help you find sentences that aren’t clear, places where you’re being wordy, and any errors. Try reading backwards, a sentence at a time.