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Listen to the 1 star reviews and stay away out of his cash pit of a website. As told so many times before, same problem is happening for me. . The website algorithm picks random users and acts like they seen your profile sent you a message that’s only a plot to get you to invest a great deal of cash for nothing. Please cancel my subscription and delete my account from (username: Joakimb) Can’t do anything to prevent it and their phone numbers are not legitimate, and equipped to contact in any kind. is a scam site This is a false website with no chance of meeting anybody. They are charging me for a complete. I’ve given this a good shot and been comparing it to other principal online events websites like Work colleagues gained access to my phone and subscribed me to this website for a jokeI now receive numerous pornographic images in my mobile phone.

It falls short of that website, which only has more women. I also think they are associated with a business named Clickand But it is also better than a number of the complete time wasting websites ive tried out also. There appears to be no way of deleting ones account, one.

From my study its apparent that a lot will depend on your geographical area, US and Euro cities tend to be nice but other areas just dont have the women. / the warning sign that came up stating I will be charged $10 for each 10 minutes I haven’t confirmed my details with your business. However, a part from that the website works fine and the app is adequate. That is nuts You as us to provide you our banking details that you already have as a subscriber to make sure I’m not a scammer How do I no this isn’t a scam out of your end I want to remain within this website but I’m not going to give you my banking details because that would be stupid to get it done. Just dont tell the wife! I signed up for a 3 day trial and have been charged way more than what had been agreed upon. All well-known affair websites like Ashleymadison, Saphrina, or anything ain’t that bad at all.

Please delete my account ASAP and return my money. Only problem is you will usually have a fairly awful male-female-ratio. I would do it myself but your website won’t allow it as you can see in the photos.

Only the best profile wins. I’ve got multiple charges on my accounts of $25.22 I need my money. They’re still worth checking out though, particularly Ashleymadison nevertheless has many members. I would like to finish my subscription but I want a code to finish it but I don’t need that code, so I expect you can send that code into my Email adress so that I can finish it.

Should you ain’t lucky also check out fwb websites like Casualsexonly. HelloI have subscription for many weeks. Works fairly well if you’re straight and honest on your profile. From a specific day, I receive no responses to my messages. Hope that helps.

This is not because the customers would neglect me. New member only a couple of days and I have not been happy up to now. Some of them do, I am positive.

I’m an attractive guy and have written up a very appealing profile however there has not been any response to me putting myself out there for a few of these women. However, NOT ALL. I’m beginning to think that many of these profiles are old or fake and out of date. What is the explanation for this situation: I receive messages not one but at. It’s also very expensive to speak to these women and to be honest lots of these women are fat, spoiled selfish divas or skinny girls on medication. You tell me payment did not go through. Customer service seems to be plugged with cob webs and I will ‘t get through.

I looked at my bank. I am really wondering who’s on the other end of this service. It went through. They appear to be taking advantage of males with little if anything to offer you. Please refund my money. So let me tell you my own story.

Your website is phoney. I’ve been married over 42 years in this point in time, adore my wife, but decided I wanted a bit more excitement. You’ve got women sitting behind computers carrying on multiple conversations with. My initial stepping out was about 15 decades ago when I was near retiring. I demand that you remove the account of Emmitt91 from your website immediately.I have attempted multiple times to remove it but your website only turns me in fucking circles time and time again.I think the email address linked to the account will be [email protected] is all the.

I met a gal online. Hello. We met infrequently over time to increase and have sex outdoors. My names is James bergeron. Then two years ago I met a young school grandma online who wanted money for school. On Jul8, 2018(today), I wished to discontine my 3 day trial period($2.97) payment since I have read that this dating website (, is a scam) They state that after my 3 day trial, I must pay $39.95 a month if I don’t finish my trial period in 3. We met a couple times, I gave her a bit of cash and we kissed once in a playground. Please delete and block with immediate effect the account Charliewessonfe with all the email [email protected] My ex fiance contacted you already and I am emailing again to hopefully speed up the procedure.

I never saw her after that cause I felt like she just wanted my money. My fiance has been caught out thanks to his stupid actions im leaving him. I knew a young gal who liked the outdoors and attempted to get her to go backpacking with me.