Below are a few AfL activities to try together with your learners.

They include ideas on collecting information, the strategic use of questioning, giving feedback, and introducing peer and self-assessment.

Collecting information

Ask learners to create one sentence to summarise whatever they learn about this issue during the end or start of a lesson. You could focus this by telling them to incorporate e.g. what or why or how etc.

At the final end of a lesson learners share with their partner:

  • Three new things they have learnt
  • Whatever they found easy
  • What they found difficult
  • Something they wish to learn in the future.

Give learners red, yellow and cards that are greenor they are able to make these themselves at home). At different points during the lesson, question them to decide on a card and place it to their desk to demonstrate just how much they understand (red = don’t understand, yellow = partly understand, green = totally understand).

Use post-it notes to evaluate learning. Share with groups, pairs or individuals and ask them to answer questions. For example:

  • What have I learnt?
  • What have i came across easy?
  • What have i discovered difficult?
  • What do i wish to know now?

When a learner has finished a exercise or worksheet, ask them to attract a square in the page. If they partly understand, yellow and if everything is OK, green if they do not understand well, they colour it red.

At the final end of an action or lesson or unit, ask learners to create 1 or 2 points that aren’t clear for them. More