Gaia Vasiliver-Shamis gives advice for coping with that constant sense of busyness that causes us to feel like we do not have enough time for anything.

Five Time-Management Tips

I did an unthinkable thing: I had a baby when I was in my third year of graduate school.

I am going to admit it, I happened to be already among those organized people, but becoming a parent — especially as a global student without nearby help — meant I had to step up my game when it came to time-management skills. Indeed, I graduated in 5 years, with an excellent publications list and my second successful DNA replication experiment in utero.

In a culture where in actuality the reply to the question “How have you been doing?” contains the term “busy!” 95 percent of that time (nonscientific observation), knowing how to manage your time and effort efficiently is key to your progress, your career success and, most critical, your current well-being. More